38 Random Facts About Brazil

Looking up for random facts about Brazil is not only a great source of information but also a fun way to know more about the country. The lively and exotic Brazil has a fascinating history and culture which makes for a great read.

A major tourist destination, Brazil offers its tourists a beautiful natural spectacle. It also has an intricate heritage which further adds to its allure. The South American country has made its mark on global scale with its gorgeous beaches, flamboyant festivals and the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Let us take a look at some interesting random facts about Brazil.

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1. Brazil is the only Latin American nation whose language and culture comes from Portuguese.

2. The native inhabitants of this land were nomadic Tupi-Guarani Indians.

3. It was in the year 1532 that Portugal began colonization of Brazil and made its royal colony in 1549.

4. Portuguese originally called Brazil, Terra do Santa Cruz, meaning Land of the Holy Cross.

5. Brazil becoming a part of the Portuguese Empire was a mere accident as Pedro Alvares Cabral mistakenly landed there while sailing for India.

6. Even though it officially became a country on September 7, 1822, it still remained a monarchy until 1889 when the declaration of Independence happened.

7. Brazil had declared war on Germany during World War 1.

8. After a military coup in 1964, Brazil had a series of military governments.

9. An earthen pot radiocarbon dated at 8,000 years old was discovered during excavations near present-day Santarém in Brazil.


10. Brazil encompasses nearly half of South America.

11. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world based on landmass with 5.35 million square miles or 8.45 million square km.

12. It is the sixth largest country in the world based on its population which is at 201,009,622 people.

13. The highest point in Brazil is Pico da Neblina which is at 9,823 feet.

14. Over half of Amazon River lies in Brazil and that’s world’s largest by volume. It 3,977 miles long and during wet season it becomes 118 miles wide.

15. Brazil has 4,655 miles of coastline, making it the 16th longest national coastline in the world.

16. The world’s largest freshwater island called The Ilha do Bananal or Island of the Banana Groves is located in the Araguaia River in southwestern Tocantins, Brazil.

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17. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Previously its capital was Salvador and Rio de Janeiro respectively.

18. The Brazilian real is the official currency of Brazil.

19. The national dish of Brazil is feijoada, a black bean stew with dried, salted, and smoked meat.

20. The national drink of Brazil is caipirinha that is sugarcane liquor mixed with sugar, ice, and crushed lime slices.

21. The word Brazil actually means red like amber and the name comes from the deep red dye that once grew on its coast.

22. In the Brazilian flag, the green represents its forests, the yellow; its vast mineral wealth and and the blue circle and stars depict the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the morning of November 15, 1889, when Brazil declared itself a republic.

23. Brazil is the world’s largest market for crack cocaine.

24. The country is famous for its cowboys who are called gauchos.

25. It is the first South American nation to accept women into its armed forces.

26. The popular Samba music which is synonymous with Brazil dates from the 19th century.

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27. The population of Brazil as of 2016 is 207.7 million.

28. It is the only nation in America that speaks Portuguese and there are over 150 languages and dialects that are spoken by the Indigenous peoples in Brazil today.

29. Roman Catholicism is the main religion practiced by Brazilians and the country has the highest number of Catholics.

30. The famous Pele is the richest and well known soccer player. His real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento.


31. The GDP of Brazil is 1.796 trillion USD.

32. Based on nominal GDP, the Brazilian economy is the world’s ninth largest economy.

33. In Jan 1999, the Asian economic crisis spread to Brazil.

34. Brazil has one of the world’s most unequal distributions of income within its populace.

Other Random Facts About Brazil

35. The first printing press of Brazil was set up in 1808. It was called the Impressao Regia of Rio de Janeiro.

36. A young Brazilian-born Englishman named Charles Miller brought one of the greatest passions of Brazil, soccer, to Sao Paulo.

37. The first of Brazil’s famous modern Carnival ball called the High Life first took place at a Copacabana hotel in 1908.

38. The National Day of Black Consciousness celebrated on November 20 celebrates Brazilians’ African heritage.

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