The Best Cities In Brazil For The First Time Visitor

Brimming with diversity, Brazil is the fifth largest country of the world and famous for its soccer tradition. The cities in Brazil are bustling with the urban mosaic of Sao Paulo to the cultural energy of Pernambuco. Adding the wilderness of the Amazon and Iguacu Falls makes it plenty to see and do around.

Cities In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is one of the seaside cities in Brazil which is famed for the 38 meter statue of Christ the Redeemer atop of Mount Corcovado, Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. Also not to miss is the cable car ride to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain- a granite peak.

Adding to the list are the sprawling shanty towns. Also Brazil is known for its raucous Carnival festival, featuring samba dancers and parade floats all dressed up in flamboyant costumes, is considered the world’s largest carnival.

Sao Paulo

A vibrant financial centre of Brazil rich with numerous cultural institutions and architectural tradition, Sao Paulo is among the world’s most populous cities. Dating back from 1929 the neo-Gothic cathedral and a Martinelli skyscraper to modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer’s curvy Edifício Copan forms the city’s most iconic buildings.

The mark where Jesuit priests founded the city in 1554 is now the colonial-style Pátio do Colégio church exists. Adding to the list is the Ibirapuera Park, a massive Sao Paulo Cathedral from the 20th century, botanical garden and the Sao Paulo aquarium.


Salvador is one of the cities in Brazil which is known for its tropical coastline lined by Portuguese colonial architecture with Afro-Brazilian culture bringing life to it. The Pelourinho neighbourhood, where cobblestone alleys open onto large squares, colourful buildings and baroque churches such as São Francisco, featuring gilt woodwork forms the historic heart of Salvador.

Having year-round warm and humid climate summers (Dec-Mar) forms the peak season for tourist.


Famous for its Notable skyline featuring the Panoramic Tower, Curitiba is known as a cultural centre. The city is home to the iconic Wire Opera House, a structure of tubular steel and the huge Teatro Guaíra, along with many more performance venues.

Summers make the peak travel season with the month of Feb attracting tourists for The Grape Festival. Museo Paranaense is a regional history museum in Brazil located in two buildings tracing the Paraná’s heritage with archaeology & natural history exhibits.


​Distinguished by its many rivers, bridges, islets and peninsulas, Recife is the capital of Brazil’s north-eastern state of Pernambuco. On its own island by the harbour, Recife Antigo forms the historic old town centre dating back from the 16th century. Sheltered by reefs and lined by sky touching apartment blocks, modern hotels and restaurants is the popular Boa Viagem Beach.

Some of the major attractions in town include the Zoo Botanical Park Dois Irmãos, a historical and artful walk through Ricardo Brennand Institute-a Jewish congregation named Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue. For the adventure lovers Lagoa Azul is your place to be at.


Located on the banks of Rio Negro, Manaus is known for its mysterious Meeting of Waters, a place where the waters of two different coloured rivers meet to form the great Amazon. For the adventurers and nature lovers a visit to Love Cascade will leave you with lovely sights to delve in. Apart from this one can spend the day at Praia da Lua Beach or Ponta Negra Beach and even go for a visit to the Paricatuba Waterfall.

Going through Brazil you will discover a cultural blend of Italian, German and other European as well Japanese, Jewish and Arab. This cause of this cultural diversity is result of the mass migration of people in the South and Southeast of Brazil during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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